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Soft and Pretty Outdoor Summer Wedding

Filled with picturesque views and greenery galore, Thomas and Hunter's soft and pretty outdoor summer wedding is so romantic! There's something so calming about their details that they really are like a true breath of fresh air. Not to mention, the smiles on their faces that August day are unforgettable. A gorgeous couple, with gorgeous details, on a gorgeous day, get ready to be inspired by the beauty captured by Kimberly Schuldt Photography.

Wedding dress hanging on arbor for outdoor wedding ceremony

Bridal portrait by Kimberly Schuldt Photography

White icing wedding cupcake with eucalyptus

Wedding portrait by Kimberly Schuldt Photography

Silver and gold wedding guestbook design


It was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding! Letting the natural beauty of the outdoors shine, the wedding ceremony decor was kept simple. Our arbor draped with linens and dressed with eucalyptus and other greenery florals made for the perfect backdrop.

PLV Pieces: Arbor

Outdoor summer wedding ceremony

Arbor wedding backdrop with white linens and eucalyptus

Wooden arbor wedding ceremony backdrop

Reception Decor

Adding a touch of modernity to the other vintage details, our gold shelves combined with wooden textures for a beautiful welcome display. We utilized the space well so that it was full, but functional and carried a great presentation as guests entered the reception area.

PLV Pieces: Gold Shelves

Calligraphy wedding welcome sign with eucalyptus

Gold wedding shelves with champagne glasses

In-loving memory wedding inspiration

Modern gold shelves wedding decor display

Wedding reception entrance with vintage wedding decor

Table Decor

When seeing Thomas and Hunter's vision, we immediately knew that our hairpin family style tables and benches were going to be a great fit for the space and their aesthetic. We also love that they went with a "less is more" approach for the tabletop decor. It really looked as beautiful as you can imagine!

PLV Pieces: Hairpin Tables * Benches

Hairpin family style wedding tables with wood benches

Wood family style wedding tables for outdoor reception

Sweetheart Table

The perfect place for these two to share their first meal together as husband and wife, this sweetheart table setup was so charming. There really is a unique sweetheart table style for every wedding and this one fit the theme perfectly. If you're looking for more sweetheart table ideas, be sure to check out this post!

PLV Pieces: Sweetheart Table

Wedding sweetheart table inspiration

Wedding sweetheart table decor

Wedding sweetheart table decor

It's really the best when we get to utilize our pieces to make wedding day magic and experience love shared, like the love between Thomas and Hunter! Thank you both for letting us be a part of your beautiful day!

Kimberly Schuldt Photography wedding portrait

Kimberly Schuldt Photography wedding portrait

Kimberly Schuldt Photography wedding portrait

Kimberly Schuldt Photography wedding portrait

Kimberly Schuldt Photography wedding portrait

Kimberly Schuldt Photography wedding portrait

Looking to add some charm into your wedding design? Our pieces aim to please! Email us at for more information!

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