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Sustainable Wedding Planning and How Pretty Little Vintage Co. Can Help

The choices we make every day -- even the ones that may seem inconsequential -- can have a big impact on the world around us! We know that a lot of decision-making goes into wedding planning, so we've challenged ourselves as a rental company to come up with more ways to help our couples have a sustainable wedding day. Read on for some helpful tips on planning an eco-conscious wedding and see how going green is just as beneficial for you as it is for the environment.

8 Sustainable Wedding Swaps

1. To cut down on paper waste, consider opting for eco-friendly invitations or send them out digitally.

Eco-friendly invitations are made out of materials that can be broken down and composted at home. Seed paper invitations are a great example. These invitations are made from recycled paper and seeds. When these invitations are planted, the seeds grow and the paper is composted. Choosing to send wedding invitations digitally is another eco-friendly AND cost-effective option. These invitations don't use paper, which helps limit the use of natural resources. Opting for digital invitations also means you won't have to pay shipping costs and there won't be any emissions associated!

2. Choose an eco-friendly venue.

Don't be afraid to ask questions when you tour your venue. Ask what environmental initiatives your venue takes and if they offer accommodation. Consider your venue's location and its proximity to your guests. Choosing a location that is closest to your guests can help offset emissions from air and car travel. If possible, you can also have your guests carpool or you can arrange a shuttle service. Choosing a venue that allows you to have your ceremony and reception in the same place is also a great way to cut down on travel for you and your guests. Having an outdoor ceremony and reception is another great, energy-efficient option.

3. Consider giving green wedding favors or no favors.

The first thing that came to mind when we were thinking of "green" wedding favors was plants! Consider thrifting some cute pots and give your guests low-maintenance plants like succulents or opt for herbs that they could later use in the kitchen. Seeds and bulbs are another great option. You could also let your guests take home your floral centerpieces. Instead of offering disposable cups, you could decorate some mason jars for your guests to drink out of and take home. Another option is to make some edible treats for your guests or save on money and materials and forgo the favors entirely.

5. Locally source your flowers, food, and drinks.

Cut down on emissions by choosing local vendors. Locally sourcing your flowers is cost-effective and guarantees that your blooms are going to be fresh and long lasting. Food and drink that is locally sourced tastes better and has more nutritional value. We've had the privilege of collaborating with many local vendors and have seen them do an outstanding job. Click here for a list of local vendors we love.

6. Avoid elements that are single-use.

A great way to avoid single-use items is to work with a rental company. Pretty Little Vintage Co. is a vintage rental company. We source secondhand pieces and give them a new life. After we've refurbished a piece, it's hard to tell it was preloved. We offer over 5000+ specialty rentals and decor items, from pretty furniture pieces to full place settings. Browse our full collection here.

7. Consider offering to-go containers for leftover food.

To cut down on food waste, send your friends and family home with any leftovers. You can also make a donation to a food center or a similar facility in your area.

8. Opt for a sustainable alternative to confetti for your sendoff.

Confetti is not biodegradable and because it's made out of plastic, it can be fatal to wildlife if ingested. Some sustainable swaps include dried flower petals, leaves (consider hole punching your leaves into fun patterns), lavender, and birdseed. You could also opt to be sent off with bubbles. ANOTHER unique option is to source vintage bells and be sent off to their chimes! To avoid sourcing for single use, the bells could also double as your wedding favors.

Looking to add some pretty pieces to your big day that you can feel good about? We've got you covered! Send us at email at

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