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Lounge Packages by Pretty Little Vintage Co. and how to choose which package is right for you

Helping you create beautiful and cohesive lounges that match your style, theme and vibe truly brings our styling team the most joy. Opting for one of our lounge packages is the perfect way to tie in your desired color palette at your chosen venue. Our lounges can act as functional décor too. They provide the best backdrop for photos before and after your ceremony, a comfy spot to relax after you and your guests have hit the dance floor, AND they can also fill an empty little nook if your guest count is small for your chosen space. Read on to browse our packages, see what is included in each of them, and see how customizable each package truly is.

The Petite Lounge Package

Our first option is a sweet little lounge set-up for our hosts on a budget. It seats 4-5 guests and you can choose either a loveseat or settee, two of our upholstered chairs, two end tables, a coffee table, a rug and any of the pillows from our collection to tie everything together.

Photographer: Emilee May Photography

The Plush Lounge Package

Our second option seats 7-8 guests. With this option, you can select one of our sofas as well as a loveseat or settee, two upholstered chairs, two end tables, a coffee table, a rug, and of course, plenty of throw pillows to match.

Photographer: Donna Marie Photo Co.

The Perfect Lounge Package

This package combines our Petite and Plush lounge packages, because two lounges are better than one! This package seats 10-14 guests.

Photographers: Kortni Maria, Kimberly Schuldt Photography

The Prettiest Pieces Lounge Package

This is the ULTIMATE lounge package and the biggest bang for your buck! It seats 18-20 guests and when you choose this package, you get to choose two petite lounges AND one plush lounge.

Photographers: Kimberly Schuldt Photography, Kortni Maria

Signature Pre-Styled Lounges


5 More Reasons You'll Fall in Love with Our Lounges

  1. They look just as good outdoors as they do indoors.

Photographers: Cassandra Daye Photography, Kortni Maria

2. They are a GREAT way to personalize your chosen venue.

Photographer: Tracy Jade Photography

3. With over 5000+ specialty rentals and decor items to choose from and completely customizable packages, your rental experience is tailored to you.

Photographers: Kimberly Schuldt Photography, Donna Marie Photo Co.

4. Our lounges provide the best backdrop for every photo opp.

Photographer: Alyssa Flood Photography

5. Your guests will thank you.

Photographer: Tracy Jade Photography

See our full list of rental packages and learn more about the rental process here. If you're ready to start putting together a lounge package, let's get in touch! We can't wait to see which rentals you have in mind.


Emilee May Photography

Donna Marie Photo Co.

Kortni Maria

Kimberly Schuldt Photography

Cassandra Daye Photography

Tracy Jade Photography

Alyssa Flood Photography

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