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Ten Wedding Seating Charts to Guide Guests to Their Tables - Pretty Little Vintage Co. Rentals - Wat

Seating charts are one of those last minute wedding details that we can help you with! You have to wait for those RSVPs, handle the "who sits with who" and everything in between and we know first hand that it can be stressful. Not sure how you're going to display your seating arrangements yet? We made a list of some of our favorite rental pieces that have been used for just that! While these are just a few of our items, we surely have what you need to create the seating chart that you've been envisioning. Not pictured are our wooden doors, terrariums, backdrops, mini copper arbor, wooden room dividers, shutters, gorgeous mirror collection and so much more.

We could walk around our warehouse and come up with so many fun ideas but we love when you get creative with our pieces too! Also, you know how much we love a project - do you have a new idea? Message us so we can get to work on the next best thing for your wedding or special event.

One more thing! If you are looking for someone to hand letter our rentals for you - We have a few friends that we would LOVE to recommend. Just shoot us a message for the details.

1. Chippy White Large Vintage Windows

Lettering: Handmade Darling

2. Moss Boards

3. Gold Room Divider

4. Chicken Wire Frames and Mini Clothespins

5. Old Gold Frames

Lettering: Handmade Darling

Photo: Anna Elizabeth Photography

6. Marquee Boxspring

7. Giant Framed Chalkboard

Photo: Alison Kamper Photography

8. Gold Frame Chalkboards

9. Industrial Cart

10. Large Gold Mirror

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