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The PLV Rental Process

Oh, you've never done this before? That's okay. 

We're going to break it all down for you. 

Scroll down to see what you can expect from us and the next steps.


How It Works

1. Before you fill out our rental inquiry form or reach out, make sure you have an event date and venue locked in! We 'd love to check availability for you but are unable to without those details.

2. Check that your venue is in our travel radius! You can view that information here and review the rental minimum for delivery to your venue.

3. Take a peek at our rental packages and our whole inventory on our collection page. Submit a rental wish list via email with any rental packages and any la carte items! Please note, all items are named individually on our collection page.

4. Once we receive your rental wish list - we will send a proposal your way! This will include itemized pricing, installation & retrieval fees and the actual agreement for your review.

5. After you take a peek at the proposal - we'd love to connect on the phone or via email to answer any questions that you might have and to lock in specific items! After we chat, we will update the proposal before you sign and officially book right online.

6. After booking, we can schedule your warehouse meeting or a call to chat more about finalizing the smaller details We'd love to see mood boards, design ideas and make recommendations.

7. After all of your rentals items are locked in - you're good to go! We'd love if you'd join our PLV VIP FB group here to see any new pieces or inventory that we add along the way before anyone else. 

8. Once we get closer - we will send a final details email and a logistics questionnaire for your review. We will typically send a delivery time window to you the month of your event!

We can't even wait to work with you!

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