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How do I reserve the pieces I love?

To reserve items for your event, please email us at with your desired packages and rental wish list. Please include the date of your event and where your event will take place so that we can send over a proposal with an accurate installation and retrieval fee. We do require a 50% non-refundable retainer to reserve your specific pieces for that day along with a signed rental agreement. 


How far out should we book our PLV rentals?

We recommend reserving your rental items as soon as you have a venue and date.  We have a one of a kind inventory and limited quantities of most items. Please note that we always book multiple events in a weekend -  If there are specific pieces you love, lock them in early! We operate on a first come, first serve basis.


Do you deliver?

Of course but we don't call it delivery. We do a lot more than drop off your rentals when you book with us. Our installation and retrieval fees are based on mileage and size of your rental order and number of staff needed to execute the order installation. Depending on the timeline of your day and the venue policies, late night pickups are available for an additional fee.


Are we able to pick up our rentals to avoid an installation and retrieval fee?

Big news! We are now allowing will call and self pickup orders at the warehouse for the 2024 season. Please ask to review our will call pickup order guidelines to see if this option would be a good fit for you!


Is your entire collection and inventory vintage?

No, our collection is made up of hundreds of beautiful vintage pieces that are our jam BUT we also have a huge collection of unique, specialty and handmade items that are one of a kind and help tie everything together. See our whole collection here.

Will you set up our furniture and rentals for us?

When you book with PLV, we place large items where they need to if a floorplan is provided ahead of time. We will ask for a detailed floor plan and for you to fill out a logistics questionnaire at the beginning of our busy season to make sure we are on the same page. We do offer a PLV styling package if you don't have any one to set up smalls and pull the whole design together.  See more about that here.

Do you buy pieces from past clients and the public?

We are always on the hunt for pretty things to add to our collection. While we are very selective, we would LOVE to see what you're selling.  Shoot us an email here with photos of the items and asking price!

Do you ever sell your items?

We host an annual warehouse sale near the middle to end of October! This is where we phase out some pre-loved pieces that have imperfections, don't pay their rent in the warehouse or that are no longer working with our collection! Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook for the annual announcement and details!


PLV Installation & Retrieval

We service the area within a 2.5 hour radius from our warehouse. This includes all of CNY, NNY 1000 Islands and beyond. We do consider servicing events outside this area on a case by case basis. Please shoot us a message with the details and we can chat about the possibilities.


Our installation and retrieval fee is based on mileage, size of order, time & labor, assembly of items if applicable, driving time to and from venue. Once we have your rental wish list and venue location, we can calculate the cost of delivery for you in your custom proposal.

Rental Time Period

When you reserve your rentals with us, you get them for the day of the event. The length of your rental really depends on our logistics schedule and the time that the venue allows. We will send a logistics timeline before wedding season starts to keep us on the same page with the details. We do have multiple deliveries in a day but will communicate and give an arrival timeframe the month of the event.

Rental Order Minimums

Our team delivers to venues within a two hour radius from the PLV warehouse (up to 2.5 hours for pre-approved venues) and our delivery minimums are based on distance. We require a $1,200 rental minimum for local orders that are within 30 miles from our warehouse. If your venue is between 30-75 miles from our warehouse, our rental minimum is $1,800. For events between 75-100 miles from our warehouse, the rental minimum for delivery is $2,200 and for venues 100-125+ miles from our warehouse, the rental minimum for delivery is $2,500. We will consider further distances on a case by case basis and will require a higher rental minimum and possible overnight accommodations for our delivery crew.

Damages & Lost Items

We know that things happen. There is a full outline of our damage policy in our rental agreement. To give you a general idea, items that are damaged (leading to removal from our collection) are charged 5x the rental cost. We assess and document any damage on site and will do everything we can ourselves to avoid charging further damage or replacement fees. 

All proposals and invoices are subject to an 10% damage waiver and cleaning fee. This fee is non-refundable. 

This fee is standard among rental companies and covers the general cleaning before and after each event in order to keep our pieces in great rentable condition and up to the standards that our clients have come to expect. This damage waiver covers wear, tear, wax removal, paint chips, broken decor, etc.

This damage waiver relieves guests of the cost for unintentional and accidental damage to the rental property. If an item is damaged beyond our repair (broken furniture, stained upholstery, wax damage) the client is responsible for the replacement cost of 5x the rental price as seen in our contract.

Candles & Wax - All of our vessels, candle holders, hurricanes, glass lanterns and centerpieces are required to have LED candles only. We do allow LED taper candles in our brass candlesticks. Please ask for our PLV candle guide if purchasing your own candles. for our pieces - we can send everything you need!

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