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10 Reasons Why We Love Winter Weddings at Pretty Little Vintage Co.

We love winter weddings. Especially, winter weddings in upstate New York. There's just something about them - don't you think? If you can get past the chilly temperatures - there are so many things to love. We put together our top ten reasons for you and paired them with some pretty photos from past weddings and events. Take a peek and let us know what you think!

1. Twinkly Romantic Lights

If you know us at all, it's no secret that we love twinkly lights. In fact, we think that there can NEVER be enough warm candlelight at a wedding. The sun sets so early in the winter months which means adding some mood lighting is a must! We love to help create a charming ambiance with twinkly lights and warm candles. It's romantic, inviting and your photos will be absolutely breathtaking.

Suggested PLV Rentals: Gold Sleek Lanterns * Terrariums * Votives * Mercury Glass * Mismatched Lanterns * Brass Candlesticks * So many others.

2. Warm Drinks

If you've ever needed a reason to create a hot beverage station - a winter wedding is just that. Warm your guests with hot cocoa, hot cider, mulled wine or coffee. It's so easy to personalize with toppings, colors, florals, cute mugs and cups. As a person that always seems to be cold - trust me - your guests will LOVE this and fully take advantage of it.

Featured Pieces: "Lucy" display * 3 tiered end table * Photo: Courtney Thomas Photography * Floral: Designs of Elegance *Lettering: Handmade Darling * Venue: Tailwater Lodge

Suggested PLV Rentals: A Vintage Furnishing * Assorted Apothecary Jars * Scoops * Trays * Signage * Teacups * Mule Mugs *Risers & More.

3. Velvet

You can call it a trend but we think velvet works year round. ESPECIALLY in the winter. Add texture and warmth with some velvet accents and see how it creates the coziest space for your ceremony or reception. Our favorite way to incorporate velvet would {of course} be the furniture in your lounge spaces or at your sweetheart table BUT there are so many other ways to use velvet - from bridesmaids dresses, to floral ribbon, pillows, shoes, table runners, and so much more.

Featured Pieces: Maxine Table * Assorted Cake Stands * Brass Candlesticks * Photo: Kortni Maria Photography * Flowers: Sunnycrest Flowers * Venue: Tug Hill Vineyards

Suggested PLV Rentals: A statement piece of furniture in your wedding colors.

4. Color Palettes and Some Sparkle.

Winter is fun because you can really go in any direction with your color palette. We love to see couples steer away from the traditional reds and greens but love a little Christmas magic too. Also, golds, mercury glass and some sparkle is always appropriate.

Featured Pieces: Classic Farm Tables * Brass Candlesticks * Gold Sleek Lanterns * Wood Slices * Gold Flatware * Colored Goblets * Wood & Acrylic Table Numbers * Photos: Kimberly Schuldt Photography * Venue: Antique Boat Museum (top) Floral * Primrose Hill Flower Co. (top) Wedding & Event Florals by Vinnie (bottom)

5. Favors

Winter weddings provide the perfect opportunity to gift your guests with favors they will actually love! Our favorite winter wedding favors include candles, cozy blankets, gingerbread cookies, hot cocoa kits, gourmet popcorn and pretty much anything with chocolate! Don't forget to display those favors with care on your favorite PLV piece!

Suggested PLV Rentals: Any of our PLV vintage furnishings and displays.

6. Greenery

Fresh greens, garlands and trees can transform your reception location. The best part about that? Usually, around the winter months, they are easily accessible and if you find them at the right place, they are pretty inexpensive.

Featured Pieces: Top Photo - "Cecelia" Chairs * Assorted Gold Ornaments Photo: Laura Rose Photography

Featured Pieces: Bottom Photo - "Sage" Display *Flocked Wreath Collection *Amber Bottled * Assorted Cake Stands & Jars * Photo: Kimberly Schuldt Photography

Suggested PLV Rentals: Boxwood Backdrop * Flocked Wreaths * Jasmine Garlands * Christmas and Assorted Faux Trees

7. No Rain Plan

This is a big one! Instead of stressing about the rain and coming up with TWO plans - you get to focus on making your indoor location, absolutely perfect. As a vendor who's day and setup revolves around that rain plan when the weather isn't ideal, we love it!

Photographer: Jay Lim Studio * Venue: Arbor Loft * Dress: Angela's Bridal * Hair: Courtney Baker * Makeup: Ashtyn McMichael *Tux: Generation Tux

Suggested PLV Rentals: Make your inside space amazing with lounge areas, amazing displays, backdrops and lots of accent decor.

8. You Get To Cozy Up.

We love to see brides {and grooms} get cozy in winter furs, velvet jackets or chunky knit sweaters.

Photographer: Jay Lim Studio * Venue: Arbor Loft * Dress: Angela's Bridal * Hair: Courtney Baker * Makeup: Ashtyn McMichael *Tux: Generation Tux

Featured Pieces: "Sage" Settee * Cozy Blanket Collection * Photo: Kimberly Schuldt Photography * Skirt: Leaann Belter Bridal

9. It's Unexpected {and Bonus Reason - Vendors Are Usually a Little Less Busy!}

Summer months are packed with weddings in upstate NY but not as much in the winter! You'll most likely get the vendors you want, your guests will have something to look forward to after the holidays, it's unexpected and different. All good things, right? We think so!

Photo: Jenny Haury Photography * Dress: Sweet Caroline Styles

10. Two Words - Stunning Photos.

It might be cold but it will definitely be worth it. I love the blank canvas of a snowy backdrop. You can't argue that the snowy cozy photos are perfection.

Photo: Picture This by Allie * Sherwood Florist

Photo: Courtney Thomas Photography * Anne Settee

Photo: Kimberly Schuldt Photography * Leaann Belter Bridal

Photographer: Jay Lim Studio * Venue: Arbor Loft * Dress: Angela's Bridal * Hair: Courtney Baker * Makeup: Ashtyn McMichael *Tux: Generation Tux

Thanks for reading along! Have a blog idea for us? Comment below!

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