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Friends, Family and a Whole Lot of Love.

A beautiful family photo shoot that will remind you of the important things in life.

No, this isn't a magazine cover, those are our friends, Zack and Mallory with their two adorable little kids, Addie and Holden.

As another army couple, moving around all of the time, I think that we can all agree that there is nothing like real, true friends and we are SO lucky and grateful to know these two.

Chris, Zack and I went to college together at Niagara University and that's when we met Mal! After graduation, they got married, and the army scooted them off to Alaska where they had little Addie. Both Zack and Mal were in our wedding last year while Mal was pregnant with that handsome little dude you see below. We couldn't be happier that by chance, we were all stationed in the same place for once.

Last month, Addie started her fight against kidney cancer. This beautiful little ray of sunshine is going to kick this cancer in the butt. With a family and a love like they have, this whole experience will only make them stronger.

This was a very special photo shoot that Chris and I put together with our friends, Anna from Anna Elizabeth Photography and Molly and Cory from Railroad Productions. Watch the beautiful film below.

I couldn't have said it better than Molly :

"I was taught that when something bad happened in life you had three options. You could let it define you. You could let it destroy you. Or you could let it strengthen you. Honestly, this family is the definition of strength."

Sending prayers and love to our friends everyday.


Anna Elizabeth Photography - Anna Perkins



Railroad Productions - Molly & Cory Williams


Vintage Rentals:

Pretty Little Vintage Co.

Chris & Brianna Pisani


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