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Alyssa & Zach's Backyard Wedding

I have known Alyssa for years. We went to neighboring high schools, played on rival soccer teams, worked in the same restaurant and even went to the same Sunday school. We didn't keep in touch as much as we should have after high school but thanks to social media, I was able to see little tidbits of her life and what she was up to. She met a boy, fell in love and got engaged. When she reached out to me about helping with her wedding, I was SO excited. Alyssa and Zach are the nicest, sweetest, most down to earth, real couple that we have ever met. They trusted us completely and gave us creative freedom when coming up with ideas for their big day. I am so grateful that Pretty Little Vintage Co. could be a part of this amazing wedding.

About the Rentals:

We wanted to use neutral tones and colors so the wildflowers could be the real pops of color.

Some of the Featured Pieces: Lillian Love seats, Rhiannon Sofa, Richards Chairs, Maggie Chair, Vintage End Tables, Industrial Train Cart Coffee Table, High Top Rustic Cocktail Tables, Lucy Dresser, Vintage Suitcases, Mismatched Lanterns & Brass Candlesticks, Pedestal Cake Stands, Double Barrel Dessert Bar, Assorted Rustic & Vintage Wood Props and Decor.

Our favorite parts of this wedding:

The bride hand picked all of her wild flowers the night before the wedding with her super fun MOH. How whimsical our pieces looked in this stunning backyard. Donut holes and tomato pie. The family.

Photos: Alexandra Elise Photography

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