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Lounge Packages

Our favorite rental packages ever. Styling and setting up lounge areas at venues might be our favorite part of the job. Helping you create beautiful and cohesive lounges that match your style, theme and vibe brings our styling team so much joy.


Not only do they look cute but lounge packages are a perfect way to bring your event colors to the space or freshen up a venue from their in-house rental options.


A cozy little styled lounge can act as functional décor too. They serve a purpose for photos opportunities before and after the ceremony, they provide a comfy spot to relax after hitting the dance floor or for elderly guests AND they can fill an empty little nook if your guest count is a little small for the space.


Click on each package below to read more about what is included and see how you can customize so it matches your vibe. Love what you see? Jot it down and be sure to click that package in the inquiry form when reaching out. We can't wait to see what you have in mind and write up the perfect proposal for you!

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